Home Decoration Tips For Diwali 2022

Diwali is a delightful festival celebrated by lighting lamps and bursting crackers. This grand festival is indeed that occasion that calls for sprucing up the interior, and for that, you need to follow trendy Diwali decoration ideas for home.

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Whether you own a space or it is rented, using Diwali decoration items can enhance the aesthetics of your house and let you welcome the festival with a bang! Since you want to doll up your house for Diwali celebrations, consider getting decorating items for your home that will make your house look prettier not only for Diwali but also all year around.

This blog talks about home decoration tips that you can follow for Diwali 2022.

1. Decorating Space With Wall Prints

So often, when decorating the house for Diwali, almost everyone focuses on beautifying the floor with rangoli or flower decorations that they neglect the walls. You can find many beautiful simple wall paintings and the best wallpaper for your walls to make your space look vibrant and welcoming for the Diwali celebration. Moreover, having antique wall clocks on your living room, dining area, or bedroom walls will also add a traditional yet modern look to your house. 

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2. Sparkle The Ceilings With Chandeliers

Decorating your house with sparkling chandeliers can be a game-changer. Consider putting a designer chandelier in the center of your living room or dining area where most people can see it. Now, you can experiment with the chandelier. Along with lighting it up for its luminosity to radiate, you can also decorate it with flower garlands or colorful ribbons. Also, hanging certain lightweight accessories on the chandelier can make your space look happening for the Diwali celebration. 

3. Rangolis Are Welcoming Feast

The Diwali house decoration is incomplete without rangoli. You can get rangoli fixes or ready-made rangoli stickers for decorating the entrance of your house. However, making an actual rangoli by using vibrant rangoli colors and attractive design can make your home look welcoming for Diwali. Also, rangolis have traditional significance. So, don’t forget to create a beautiful rangoli this Diwali. 

4. Traditional Diwali Decorations With Diyas And Lights

Now that Diwali is the festival of light, how can you forget lighting diyas and different types of lights in the house? When it comes to Diwali light decoration ideas for the home, easy and beautiful Diya decoration and lighting play a vital role. You can get different Diwali lights for lighting up the exterior and interior of your home. And diyas can be used as the most traditional way to decorate the space. You can also paint the diyas from the inside out to make them look prettier. 

5. Decorating The Living Room

Talking about the Diwali decorating ideas for the living room, keep the room dividers open and light up each side of your main door by using lace lanterns, string lights, flower garlands, floor lamps, and wall mirrors. You can change the old frame of your bulbs with the patterned ones and place an eye-catchy wall mirror and fancy wall clock to give a mesmerizing look to the living room. In addition, placing religious wall stickers and wall art paintings can elevate the aesthetics of your living space. 

6. Use Candles For Diwali decoration

Candles are an indispensable part of decorating the home for Diwali. Floating candles and stunning candle stands are some of the most used Diwali decoration items. Lighting and arranging the candles will help create a picturesque setting that will make your house warm and inviting. For many Indian families, using floating candles is not just a Diwali decoration idea but also used for performing important Diwali rituals. While performing arti, you can also use brass-made candle stands. 

7. Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

The cleaning chore before the Diwali season is something you can’t afford to miss out on. No matter how much you focus on home interior design, your house will only glow when it has been maintained well and kept neat. Therefore, along with buying and investing in home décor items such as wooden tv stands, traditional wall paintings, or unique wall clocks in India, clean every corner of your house. Make sure to wash curtains, cushions, and bedsheets, or replace them with fresh ones. Mop the floor and clean wall and ceiling accessories and décor pieces. 

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8. Beautify Your Puja Room

Laxmi puja is the most common ritual that occurs during the Diwali celebration. While wishing for harmony and prosperity, decorating your puja room with flowers, lights, and other décor items this upcoming Diwali is essential. Light strings and flower garlands can make the Puja room look vibrant. Additionally, consider hanging religious wall paintings of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Laxmi. 

Wrap Up 

Diwali is an occasion where you will come across many Diwali decoration ideas and décor items online. Now that Diwali is around the corner, display your interior design talents for the celebration. 

This Diwali, you can easily buy high-quality, artistic pieces, including wall painting, metal wall art accents, wall mirrors, clocks, wallpapers, wall stickers, lamps, and many other items from DecorGlance at pocket-friendly prices. And make sure to clean the house, decorate it with diyas and string lights, and use Diwali home decoration ideas. 

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