Privacy Policy

At DécorGlance, we are grateful to you the trust you have for us. We assure you that the data we collect, save, process, or store in our database is safe with us and we never share your information to any third party, except currier service providers associated with us. On this page, we are going to elaborate what we collect, how we store, and how we process your provided data.

 Your visit or use to/of this website means you have gone through our Privacy Policy and accepted the same. Please, stop visiting or using this website if you don’t agree with our rules & regulation the use of this website.

 The information we collect

DecorGlance only asks you provide the data that we need to deliver your ordered product/s at your doorstep and keep you informed on our new product launch, offers, discounts, and sales. Usually, we ask you provide your:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Contact number, especially mobile number
  • Shipping address with area PIN code

The means through which you provide your data   

As you start visiting or browsing the website, you may need to allow us to know your location and contact details. You provide your information such as email address, contact number, or shipping address through several modes. The modes can be: 

  • Text fields
  • Registration forms
  • Request allowance
  • Permission to locate you

As a customer-oriented online store, we always inform you to skip the process that asks you to allow us access your information while browsing or visiting our website. However, you will have to provide some essential information when you decide to buy a product from this website and place an order for the same.   

The means that help us access your data/personal information

There is an automatic data collection method. It starts working as you open our website on your devices. The data collection takes place through:

  • Cookies
  • Time trackers
  • Identifiers
  • And allied others

As per your wish, you can prohibit cookies to automatically access your information if you are not willing to buy any product from our website. And you will stop using the website after having a look at it.

How we process/use your data

At DecorGlance, we know the data you share with us is sensible and valuable for your privacy and security. And so, we use your data only for improving your experience with our website, functionality of our services, delivery of our products to your doorstep.  

The information we collect from you is only meant for fulfilling your order requests, complete the shipment of your ordered products, and keeping you informed on our offers, discounts, and other promotional offers that could be beneficial for you. Through the collected data, we ask you for your feedback on our products, services, and suggestions on how to improve the website.

We store and save your provided data for legal purposes and use the same to prevent you from any frauds or malfunction in today’s digital world. For example, you choose a product and place an order for the same on our website. We need to share your information with the respective seller/vendor if we don’t make it in our production house.    

Your data sharing

At DecorGlance, we never share or sell your data for any personal interests. We share your produced data only with our associated vendors/sellers or currier service partners for a particular product. The data we share with them are only delivery address and your mobile number so that you can easily receive your ordered products at your doorstep. In case of any fraud or legal issue, we can share your data with the concerned authority.