Let Your Wall Speak Up With These Beauties!

Let your wall speak up!

Wall paintings are a decorative ensemble that make your walls speak for themselves. We see people gifting wall paintings on special occasions and this gift is truly to match the nature of the person you are gifting this painting to. DecorGlance deals in attractive wall paintings and wall stickers that are made of top-notch quality. The design team is constantly engaged in brainstorming and doing up the designs that are much in demand and are trending. So, every time you browse the home décor collection, you get to see new designs of these beautiful wall paintings. Buy wall painting for your home and offices as they help light up and rejuvenate every space. Also, there is a special painting for every home, every interior and every occasion. So, you can choose which one fits your space the best.

 Acrylic Handmade Miniature Rainy Season Scenery

Wall painting at DecorGlance is printed using High-Definition technique called HP laser jet latex printing which uses a water based and solvent free ink. So, lesser fumes and no harm to your health. Keep the environment clean, sustainable and breathable with these eco-friendly canvas wall paintings so that you decorate your home wisely. The painting mounts are made of high-quality American pine wood that is non-bendable and strong so that your canvas holds in place for long without reshaping from corners. Stray assured of HD print paintings, laminated paint coating & German pine wooden frame for longevity of your canvas paintings.

3-D Flower Abstract Canvas Wall Painting

There are many available designer paintings available online which range from landscapes, sceneries, devotional, portrait and multiple frames painting. Multiple frame paintings are specially in trend nowadays as they can be affixed or placed on wall in different forms and alignments. Play with patterns and arrange multiple wall paintings in the way you love. Not just this, a 6-color printing technology ensure that the right hues of colors are reflected in the wall paintings. Every corner of your home is special and needs to be decorated. So, instead of installing expensive wallpapers, just choose a plain wall with a wall painting on top of it for a clean and subtle look.

Using wall paintings in home décor is affordable and you have an option to change the look your home frequently by rotationally shifting paintings from one room to another. Not just home, if strategically chosen, office lobbies and corridors can also be made come alive using the right wall painting. Also, when you visit public places like museums, metro stations, malls, restaurants and places like these, you must have seen wall paintings that enrich the overall look and feel of the place. A right wall painting is also important to be placed. One cannot just put anything anywhere.

So, before you choose a wall painting, keep these points in mind:

  • Decide a space or a wall where you wish to place the painting.
  • Either choose a matching or contrasting color painting.
  • Ascertain the effect of the painting on the environment. For example, religious paintings should not be placed on bedroom or kitchen walls.
  • Remember to maintain and clean the painting with a dry cotton cloth on regular basis.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaning agents just to make the painting shine. Canvas wall paintings always look good with a matte effect.
  • Do not overcrowd the interior wall space with multiple wall paintings. Single wall painting on one wall is always the best option to go for.

 Acrylic Handmade Seven Horse Canvas Wall Painting

Now, you are probably wanting to buy a painting and completely change the look and feel of your home décor. Buy from us at DecorGlance with exciting prices and discounts.


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