Terms of service

Terms of Services

 Kindly read all terms and conditions before buying a product from the website to avoid any future dispute. Any product purchased from www.decorglance.com  implies that you accept all terms and conditions of the website. However, the terms of use or terms of services are applicable to every website visitor and the buyer of the product uniformly.

 Explanation of parties engaged in the terms and conditions of this website

  •  You, the user & the client: - Principally “You”, “Yours” & “The Client” refers to the legal person who is obtaining/accessing the website. In other words, these terms apply to the user of the website who agrees to accept the terms and conditions of the site.
  • We, Us, & Owner: - These terms are for the Owner of the website i.e. who has made the website and is using it to offer products and services. We, Us, Ours, & Our will refer to the Owner or affiliates of the Owner.
  • Parties: - Parties refer to the Owner & buyer/website visitor who is going to accept Terms of Services of this website.


Age Limitation

You must be above 18 years if you wish to use this website to buy products or avail the services of this website. Continuing to browse the website means you have accepted the terms of use.

 About the Site

The website www.decorglance.com is an online store for home decorative, furnishing, and organising items. The products that you will come across while browsing the website are Paintings, Smart Furniture, Wall Clocks, Shelves, Mirrors, Decorative Plates, Wooden Hangings, Wallpapers & Mirrors, Lamps, and Metal Art. We have reserved the right to stop offering services or selling products through the website at any time without any prior information.

 Further, all the products, product descriptions, or content on web pages are solely and completely property of www.decorglance.com or the vendors associated with us. There is no third-party involved in operation of this website. However, some products or product descriptions are of third party and we shall not be held responsible for any claim made by the third party. Visiting the website means you are willingly accepting all rules and regulations that are applicable to the website visitors/  product buyers.

 Terms of Payment

You shall have an access to several modes for payment on this website. As per your choice and convenience, you may use your debit card, net banking, credit card, UPI app, or other payment methods. Cash on delivery (COD) is also available but COD charges may be added for some orders. The product return (if not satisfied) and refund shall take place within 14 days of the purchase date.


Reliability of Information

All the information or product details available on the website are highly accurate, correct, and trustworthy. We assure you that we never place wrong information on our website and don’t violate Copyright rules. However, through this website, we don’t offer warranty of any product and thus, buyer must read & comprehend all the Terms of Use and Terms of Services for avoiding any dispute in future.


For purchasing any product from the website, there is no need to provide any sensitive information. However, you need to mention your name, email address, contact number, etc. to get your ordered products at your doorstep.

 Note: - There is no need to worry about the details you provide us, as we do not produce these details to any third party. Therefore, all your contact and personal details are totally secure and safe on our website- www.decorglance.com

Copyright, Trademark & Limitations

All the products available on our website are the one that we design and make in our in-house production unit or source from trusted vendors. Every image, content piece, audio, video, information has protection of copyrights and trademarks and cannot be copied. Anyone who tries to copy any type of content or graphics from www.decorglance.com shall be liable for courses arising out of copyright infringement, that may range from a legal notice to a payable fine/ compensation.