How can wall shelves solve storage problems?

How can wall shelves solve storage problems?

Wall shelves are sometimes underestimated as far as storage issues are concerned. Wall shelves date back to earlier times when kings used artisan’s skills to get their personalized wall shelves designed for them with intricate carvings. It was a unique interior décor item which found place in palaces & mansions particularly. Now, wall shelves for storage are a household thing and a thing of necessity. It is nothing more than a designer piece of wood made of machines or assembled by a carpenter with an option to rack or store things. Wall shelves necessarily have racks, whether open or closed.

India Gate shape Wood Wall Shelf

Are wall shelves an alternative to wardrobes?

Both wardrobe and wall shelves serve the same purpose—Storage. But, the nature and kind of things it stores makes all the difference. You cannot stack up clothes in an open wall shelf and on the other hand, you would also not prefer to keep your read time essentials like novels and books in almirah to safeguard them from moisture content a closed wardrobe can hold. So, despite serving a uniform purpose, both wall shelves and almirah hold their own unique place and are thus, both necessary in any household.

Using wall shelves strategically for storage

Let’s now learn about using wall shelves strategically as a storage option.

  • Using as a book shelf: Stack your novels and books together in designer wall shelves by Décor Glance. There is no better option to keep your books apart from different shaped wall shelves. It looks trendy and your mounted wall shelf is all set to serve the purpose of storage and show.
  • Using as a clock holder: Many people do not prefer to keep wall clocks on walls at several places like kitchen. So, if you are one of them and want a clock to be an essential part of your kitchen, make use of decorative wall shelves to find a perfect storage for your table clock.  
  • Using it for cutlery: Some cutlery and glasses can also find a good and attractive place in floating wall shelves at your home. To place cutlery, it is important to note that the wall shelf is very near to your kitchen area otherwise cutlery kept in rack of an open wall shelf will not look appealing as much as it will look in or near the kitchen area.
  • Using it for show pieces: Most common use of wall shelf is to lace showpieces. Here, what matters is what type of wall shelf you choose. They come in various shapes like bird, oval, round, butterfly etc. So, if you are choosing it for your bedroom, maybe bird shaped wall shelf is an ideal one and if you are choosing it for your garden area, butterfly shaped wall shelf will suit the best.
  • Using it in puja room: Wall shelves can also be used to place deity images and other divinity items like holy books. It will add utility to your puja room as well as look exceptional at the same time.
  • Use in garden area: If you are fond of keeping pots and planters in your garden, then wall shelf can be your partner. It adds a decent look to your garden and also manages space. Placing same planters on the grass floor will look just normal. If you want to give a spark to how your garden looks, use designer wall shelves.
Swan shape Wood Wall Shelf

    What to keep in mind while choosing right wall shelf for your home?

    • As wall shelf comes in varied colors, remember that you match it well with your interior or wall of the colors. A mismatched wall shelf might look shabby instead of adding spark to your home décor.
    • Hang the wall shelf on drilled holes and strong nails so that it does not fall and break the things you have placed on them.
    • Place the shelf at a right height, neither too low nor to high for easy accessibility while cleaning and dusting them.
    • Be wise in choosing between open, closed or combines wall shelf as every kind serves its own good purpose. A combination of open and covered wall shelf is an ideal one if you want it for adding a rejuvenated look to your space as well as adding utility at the same time.

    Although, wall shelves are not complete replacement for wardrobes but the designer shelves that are custom made by carpenters nowadays as per customer’s requirement just serves the multiple storage and utility purpose.

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