Wallpapers as Affordable Home Decor Option

Seven Horses Running Wallpaper

Why do you think wallpapers are so much in trend for such a long time now? Is it cheaper or does it look exceptional? Well! Both. Wallpapers take much lesser installation time, are cost-effective and look awe inspiring. Not just this, wallpapers reflect your personality and vibes of your home. That’s because the you will choose the wallpaper that’s a reflection of your life and viva versa.

Why Wallpapers are preferred over other wall cladding options?

There are numerous reasons why designer wallpapers are preferred over other wall cladding options. Here we will discuss some of them:

  • Some wall cladding options such as wall laminations are expensive and they require a great deal of effort in maintenance.
  • Wallpapers can be affixed most easily. So, in a few hours you have a completely rejuvenated look of your wall which no other option can provide.
  • Wall paints chip off easily but with wall paper, you get an added strength to your wall paint.
  • Wallpapers are easy to clean and maintain with a wet sponge and a mild detergent solution/ soap water. It also dries off quickly and looks like new after cleaning. You may however require cleaning more frequently only if your wallpaper has a light color base.
  • Wallpapers look attractive and distinctive and can be quickly replaced, if doesn’t look good after the installation.

 The Astronaut & Glowing Butterflies Wallpaper at DecorGlance

How to choose the right wallpaper for your space?

Although choosing a wallpaper is not a very herculean task. It just has to in sync, matching or in contrast to your interior color theme. So, whatever you choose will look good provided you have chosen it as per your choice and preference. Still, there are some important points to be kept in mind before you drop in to buy wallpaper online or buy it offline from a wallpaper shop near you.

  • Analyze beforehand whether you want to have a cozy or spacious looking room. If you wish that your space looks cozy, choose darker shades of wallpaper. If you wish to have a spacious room, choose lighter or warmer shade wallpaper.
  • If you wish to have a rustic or aesthetic feel, go for florals and antique wallpapers. They will set your mood apart when you step back home from work.
  • Look at the preferred texture of wallpaper. Some wallpapers are rough and catch more dust than the wallpapers which have a smoother finish. So, if you have to choose a wallpaper for the outside alley, choose the one with smoother finish. This will help you in maintaining dust-free walls.
  • Refer to a small color guide for wallpapers given here. Also, look for the kind of look it will give to your room.

Wallpaper Color


Beige, yellow, orange, red combinations, etc.

For living room and foyer areas as these colors are warm and welcoming.

Scarlet red, peach, brown, green or teal, etc.

For the kitchen as these colors are a combination of energy and stimulation.

Green, turquoise, subdued orange, saffron, etc.

For dining rooms as they influence the appetite.

All lighter shades of pink, blue, green, grey, purple, etc.

For the master bedroom as they bring tranquility, and relaxation and also induce sleep.

All happy colors like orange, pink, blue, green, yellow, lavender, etc.

For the kids’ room as they are nurturing and bright.

All royal colors like rose gold, emerald green, dark purple, etc.

For the guest bedrooms as they can make your guests feel more welcomed and comfortable.


How should a wallpaper at workplace be like?

Workplace must look spacious and light. At workplaces, dark wallpapers are generally avoided.

Workplace wallpapers can range from striped or patterned wallpapers. Not just this, florals can be used at places like cafeteria, open discussion areas and informal gathering areas. Conference and meeting rooms however should be kept simple and elegant.  

Workplace wallpapers are generally not chosen out of contrast and are always in sync with the interior color theme. Hire a professional to choose wallpaper for offices so that any change of design later does not hamper the work and efficiency of the employee.

Classic view of Mount Rushmore Wallpaper

Office wallpapers should also match with the office furniture. If you have an office that has brighter furniture and bright walls like in media houses, you are free to choose a funky wallpaper with color splashes. If you have a simple furniture in browns and grey, you should look at choosing a subtle wallpaper design like self-patterns, single color wallpaper.

Wallpapers for office space are a reflection of your work culture so, choose wisely and keep in mind that it is soothing for the employees as well. After all, they are working day and night in the interest of your organization.

Keep browsing for more collection on Wallpapers but keep in mind that not choosing the right one in first go will put you in the hassle of removal and affixing process all over again that can be time-taking and cause probable damage to the background walls.

Happy Shopping!

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